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Interior beauty and interior design influence the person to live in and is the basic need of society and environment. We the Interiorz exemplify the latest and hearth touching design that tells the beauty of living. We also try to make new and latest development and share with people to adopt and live in a cool environment. There are many interesting pattern which attract you in our website.

Earth Work

Earth work is very necessary in interior design. When you get inside the room you will first learn the floor condition and when it has soft attraction then you feel very easy to get in. Furniture and accessories are the special element to set the environment but it might be look like natural. Element like wood, Plants and metal create a imitate natural look. Wooden color like brown with shadow of log work will attract your eyes.

interior design earth work

Curves and Cones

Curvy shapes always attract the people. The curve and cones can be used in lobbies, reception, waiting areas, in a different style with different angles. In other way rounded furniture makes a diverse look with a modern twist. Also design in line and curve mesh to highlight the beauty of furniture.

interior design

Multifunctional Seating

Most the households experience the working and learning at home; and multifunctional places have become one of the most relevant interior design in now-a-days. Most of the household make open design to make changes as to requirements. Doubling design like kitchen and dining areas and hall and waiting area, it can be separated with curtains or mirror wall door. In this way most of the place can be utilized while cooking, eating, and socialized activities together.

Play room with other areas is also become a trend in these days. With some ideas you can make a special layout for kids for playing and sleep in same area especially that time when you keep an eye while doing some work or cooking. 

Floral Design

Floral wallpapering or design is one of the most decorating ideas with great attraction. Design that pull you out from the hectic world and give you a different look will appeal you vibrantly. Contrast of colors with wallpaper patterns with suited many décor style.

Floral Design karachi

Home Office

Home office is the most relevant of interior design as to in this day and age requirements. With an idea of remote work, it will need to create a workplace that might be productive and functional. There are different ways to organize a luxurious and multifunctional space closet to your bedroom as your Home Office. Your just need a small floating shelf, a mini desk like your secretary desk, or small closing desk will take low space and its smart solution.

Home Office interior design

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